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AI for CEOs Coupon

[25% Off] AI for CEOs Course Coupon

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Why AI will create exceptional value in your business, if you let it do so.

3.0 hr
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Is your business ready for the Age of AI?

  • As has the potential to make you more efficient

  • You can use the technology to create new revolutionary products

  • It can change the premises on how you compete and the level of service that you can provide to your customer.

But do you know how to succeed in the age of AI?

  • Do you have the knowledge you need to prepare your business for AI?

  • Are your plans for how AI could make the greatest strategi impact for you clear?

  • Are you confident that the way you use your AI efforts right now is where it creates the most value for your business?

  • Is your organization ready for AI?

Spend 5 hours on “The AI CEO course” and:

  • Get an understanding of the business implications of AI in your company,

  • Know the best ways to use AI in the operation of your business

  • How you can use AI as a strategic advantage in your market places

  • And how to lead an AI organization

So you can succeed in the age of AI.

The course content

The course consists of four areas that will help you understand how to use AI in your business:

What is AI?

This section introduces you to how AI as a technology works. Not with a tech development perspective. The focus is on the concept of AI and the kind of problems you can solve with AI.

Operations and AI

In this section, we focus on giving you the tools and understanding that you need to identify and evaluate wherein your business AI can create the most value.

Strategy and AI

AI has the potential to refine how you run your business and how you compete. In this section, you will get the tools and knowledge you need to identify if AI has the potential to change your business's competitive landscape.

Leadership and AI

You will be introduced to the expected footsteps that AI will leave in your company and why this requires a different leadership focus from you.

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