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AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamental Exam Tests 2022 Coupon
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[25% Off] AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamental Exam Tests 2022 Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

85+ top-quality practice test questions for your AI-900 Microsoft Azure exam | JAN 2022 UPDATED

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  • his Course is Updated regularly to align with the latest exams !

  • Welcome to the top quality practice tests to help you prepare for your AI-900 Microsoft Azure AI Fundamental Exam.

  • This practice test course contains 2 complete timed tests, of at least 45-questions each, just like you will get in the official exam. That's 90 questions to see how prepared you are for the real test. The quiz questions are balanced as per the domain weightings published in the candidate bulletin. In addition, after taking the exam you can review your answers compared against the correct answers including comprehensive explanations and documentation links of each question, the answer options and the recommended approach for getting the answers right.

  • This Practice Tests are meant to make you go through all kind of questions that Can occur during the exam, based on previous exams and so many other practice tests in other courses to make sure you pass in your first attempt .

  • I strongly recommend to take AI-900 practice tests to validate your learning before taking the real AI-900 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure exam. This AI-900 practice test course is designed to cover every topic, with a difficulty level like a real exam.

  • AI-900 Exam Guide :

    • Total Questions : 40-60 (approximately)

    • Passing Score : 700

    • Approximately 70% marks required to pass the exam

    • Time : 60 minutes

  • In this course, you can find:

    • DETAILED EXPLANATIONS, REFERENCE LINKS - Every answer has a detailed explanation along with links to MS documentation.

    • CLEAR AND ERROR-FREE QUESTIONS - Every question is peer reviewed and verified with Grammarly.


    • These practice tests are constantly updated with new questions and based on the student's feedback.


  • I wish you all the best for your learning and exam. See you inside the course.

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