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Agile Project Management - SCRUM,KANBAN&PMP Agile Bootcamp Coupon

[25% Off] Agile Project Management - SCRUM,KANBAN&PMP Agile Bootcamp Course Coupon

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#agileprojectmanagement: Learn scrum, kanban and the agile project management model and prepare for PMP certification

3.0 hr
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Are you ready to level up your project management skills with agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, XP, FDD, APM) and apply them to successfully manage not only for Software development projects but ANY type of projects?

In today’s world, everything around us is changing extremely rapidly / at an extraordinary speed, and projects are no exception.

Projects grow as much as they are built, like all living things: THEY ADAPT TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT (costs, resources, constraints, limitations, capabilities, etc.)

In business, just as in nature, the law “adapt or die” still prevails, and the success that agile native and early adopters’ companies have had in the last 20 years has proven the efficiency of the “agile methodology” to manage changes and uncertainties efficiently even in highly complex projects.

This was certainly a catalyst that accelerated its popularity and adoption in the project management profession and within different types of organizations.

In this course, you’ll be able to enter the door of “agility in project management” and unlock all its secrets in an easy, smart, and accessible way and this is what you'll get :

· The foundations and the real value of the agile methodology and when it all started

· Why agile implementations fail, what is Fake agile, and how to avoid this trap

· How to leverage the real benefits of an agile model to successfully manage any type of projects

· When to use agile methodology and how to adapt it to the context of the project

· What’s the difference between the agile model and the waterfall model?

· What are the most famous agile frameworks and when to use them? SCRUM with the 2020 Updates explained, KANBAN, Feature Driven Development, Agile Project Model, Extreme Programming

· How to plan an agile project: product backlog, iterations, and release planning

· How to implement agile rituals within an agile iteration (iteration planning, daily stand-ups, iteration review, iteration retrospective)

· How to prioritize the work of an agile team and what you can use to make agile estimations

· How to track the work of an agile team and the most popular agile metrics

· What are the different roles and accountabilities within an agile team

· How to be a great agile leader and guide your teams toward a common vision

· How to revisit the decision-making process to make it fit into an agile project model and work environment

· The best practices and tips that you can use to succeed in your agile project management journey


++ An overview of the different agile certifications existing in the market and agile jobs perspectives!

++ A considerable number of scientific articles attached to sections, key takeaways, and quizzes to help you test your learning

++A practice test for the PMI-ACP certification to help you prepare for your exam

++ A certification upon completion

++ Access to the instructors’ directions: You can send us all your questions in the Q/A section, and we will make sure that you will always get the answers you are looking for!

Good luck in your journey :)

The original Scrum Guide is offered for license under the Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons, accessible at http://creativecommons dot org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/legalcode and also described in summary form at /licenses/by-sa/4.0/.

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