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Duration: 3.0 hours

Advanced Project Management and Primavera P6 Course

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Advanced Project Management and Primavera P6 Course

Part 1 ( Project Life Cycle )



3-Delivery System Type

4-Selection of contract type

5-The parties and their roles

6-Planning and feasibility study stage

7-Design stage

8-Contract Documents Development

9-Methods of Contractor Selection

10-Contractor's Decision to tender

11-Preliminary Planning

12-Cost Estimation

13-Estimation process

14-Proposal preparation, submittal and opening

15-Legal and contractual issues

16- planning and scheduling

17-Budgeting and cost systems

18-Organizing the worksite

19-Buying out the job

20-Project staffing

21-Project operations phase

22-Monitoring and control

23-Quality management

24-Safety management

25-Environmental management

26-Resource management

27-Documentation and communication

28-Selected legal issues

29-Project closeout and termination phase

30-Completing the work

31-Closing out the project

Part 2 ( Project Planning and control techniques )

1-Introduction to Planning and scheduling

2-Critical Path Method

3-Project Evaluation and review technique

4-Precedence Diagram Method

5-Project Crashing 1

6-Project Crashing 2

7-Line Of Balance

Part 3 ( Excel In Project Management )

1-Excel sheet format

2-Excel Basic Functions

3-If Function

4-Conditional Format



7-Sort & Filter

Part 4 ( Primavera P6 – Basic Level )

1-History Of Primavera P6

2-Primavera Interface



5-Create New Project

6-Calendar 1

7-Calendar 2

8-WBS 1

9-WBS 2

10-WBS 3

11-Activity ( Introduction )

12-Activity 2 ( Create Activity List in P6 )

13-Activity 3 ( Import Activity List from Excel )

14-Activity 4 ( Import Activity List from Excel 2 )


16-Activity Types

17-Time Schedule Output

18-General Tips and Tricks

19-Activity Steps

20-Activity Notebook

21-Work Products and Docs


23-Project Scheduling

24-Activity Codes

25-Project Codes

26-Resource Codes

27-Filtering Activities

28-Group and Sort

29-Table Format and rows & Columns

30-Time scale

31-Bars format


33-Importing and exporting data

34-Global Change

35-User Defined Fields


Part 5 ( Primavera P6 – Advanced Level )

1-Project types & Project completion date

2-Baseline assignment & Project update

3-Baseline & Data date & % complete type

4-Assign baseline & Export program

5-Retained logic & progress override

6-Apply Actuals & Update Progress

7-Return project to baseline status & View log

8-Update By Excel

9-Update Using reflection

10-Performance % Complete

11-Schedule % Complete

12-Resource definition


14-Unit of measure

15-Adding resources

16-Assign resource to activity

17-Activity Duration

18-Resource Curve

19-Cost Loading

20-Cost Accounts


22-Updating resources schedule

23-Primavera Reports

24-Usage Profiles & Spread sheets

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