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Duration: 2.0 hours

Recognize needs and behavioral patterns, influence conflicts, and manage interpersonal communication at work and in life

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Without realizing it, we may be centered on winning arguments at the expense of our professional and personal relationships. We may believe that we have successfully communicated our needs, wants, and differences to the other side, to realize that it made things even worse. Our happiness and success in life and at work depend on how we deal with people, communicate differences, and respond to conflicts. It defines who we are in the world.

The three most important life skills are resolving conflicts, understanding human behavior, and managing interpersonal communication. Without a proper understanding of these skills, you may be missing out on many opportunities that could bring joy, success, peace, and wealth to your life.

Welcome to Advanced Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Resolution. This course includes an insight learning method, which means that you will expand your perspective and enhance your skills for conflicts resolution, negotiation, and interpersonal communication by experiencing the A-ha moments throughout the course. My objective is to spark interest and thinking while you’re learning this advanced content. In this course, you will learn the concepts, strategies, and methods that helped me resolve complex disputes ranging from workplace conflicts and broken relationships to mediating ceasefire agreements in war zones.

Simply Resolve is a method that combines several disciplines for effectively managing relationships, interpersonal communication, and disputes at work and home. Unfortunately, the contemporary but dry conflict resolution and mediation techniques are insufficient to resolve complex and sensitive disagreements, especially when addressing delicate human interactions. After negotiating and mediating for over a decade, I realized that conflicts were manageable until people unknowingly complicated them even against their interests. In most cases, the underlying needs, fears, and wishes were undiscovered and miscommunicated to the other party. Therefore, I combined transactional analysis (TA), cognitive-behavioral psychology (CBT), and non-violent communication (NVC) techniques in my mediation and coaching efforts to comprehend the human mind and behavior accurately, its manifestation during disagreements, and facilitate mutually acceptable solutions even for the most complicated disputes. In this course, you will learn how to tactfully resolve disputes and communicate differences without damaging relationships in line with the latest research-based concepts from neuroscience, practical psychology, negotiation, mediation, and effective interpersonal communication strategies.

You will:

- Discover how the brain reacts during conflicts and disagreements (conflict perception, fear, stress, anxiety, fight-and-flight response, etc.)

- Understand the human behavior when influenced by defense mechanisms, attachment styles, and automatic thought patterns

- Learn specific actions for preventing and resolving conflicts at work and in life

- Apply practical strategies for negotiating and mediating disagreements

- Master interpersonal communication rules to promote collaboration, trust, and understanding

- Become tactfully assertive to communicate differences and needs successfully

- Think strategically about what you say when you talk

- Gain self-awareness and control about what you hear when you listen

This course is practical and engaging, and you will be learning the methods and strategies through case studies, real-life scenarios, examples, and exercises.

Who this course is for:

- Professionals and individuals who want to build success and happiness in their professional and personal life.

- Managers, team leaders, and directors who want to apply advanced concepts, mechanisms, and strategies to create healthy workplaces.

- Employers who want to improve the psychological safety in their teams.

- Couples and partners who experience differences and difficulties yet want to work on their relationship.

- Anyone who wants to enhance their people and communication skills.

- Anyone interested in learning the whys behind the whats in conflict resolution and interpersonal communication.

Remember, regardless of the root causes of disputes, the right strategies can resolve the differences.

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