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Advanced ETABS V2019 52 stories Tower different seismic sys Coupon
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[100% Off] Advanced ETABS V2019 52 stories Tower different seismic sys Free Course Coupon

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Structural design of a tower with diff earthquake system (shear wall, moment frame, dual system, use viscous damper)

5.0 hr
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With the last version of ETABS (2019)

First of all we will show the newest features in ETABS v19

Part 1,2,3: learn structural design of R.C Tower 52 stories from A to Z included all structural element (columns, beams, slabs,  foundations, shear walls, earthquake and wind design, check deflection) using different earthquake systems (Shear wall system, moment frame system, and dual system)

Part 4 :we will use in this course viscous damper and show the benefit of using them and how we can model them into ETABS

Also we will learn in this course what is outrigger and how we can define and modeling it into ETABS V19 and we will show the benefits of using outrigger in high rise building

Part 5: show the effect of sub-modulus parameters (foundation type, and bearing capacity of soil) on the structural response of Tall buildings (story displacement, story drift, foundation settlement, and column forces)

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