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Advanced Circuit Analysis Coupon
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[67% Off] Advanced Circuit Analysis Course Coupon

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Explore advanced circuit analysis techniques to solve and analyze any circuit you want.

7.5 hr
15$ 44.99$
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Advanced Circuit Analysis will help you to analyze any given circuit with ease. Rather than the techniques in AC Analysis, Advanced Analysis is applicable to any circuit you have.

The only necessity we have is to cover some mathematical concepts that will help us to solve any circuit. In our course, we are not only giving the circuit information but also spend a fair amount of time on the mathematical concepts.

The syllabus can be found below ;

1-) Introduction to Laplace Transformation

- Intro

- The Definition of Laplace Transform

- Properties of Laplace Transform

- The Inverse Laplace Transform

- The Convolution Integral

2-) Applications of the Laplace Transform

- Intro

- Circuit Elements

- Circuit Analysis

- Transfer Function

- State Variables

3-) The Fourier Series

- Intro

- Trigonometric Fourier Series

- Symmetry Considerations

- Circuit Applications

- Average Value and RMS Values

- Exponential Fourier Series

4-) Fourier Transform

- Intro

- Definition of Fourier Transform

- Properties of the Fourier Transform

- Circuit Applications

- Parseval's Theorem

- Comparison between Laplace and Fourier Transform

5-) Two Port Networks

- Intro

- Impedance Parameters

- Admittance Parameters

- Hybrid Parameters

- Transmission Parameters

- Relationship between Parameters

- Interconnection of Networks

All the above topics will be covered with the tiniest detail during the course.

Feel free to ask anything you have in your mind to our instructors, you can reach out to us any time you want via the available channels.

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