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Advanced Brand Management: Branding, Branding Strategy Coupon

[73% Off] Advanced Brand Management: Branding, Branding Strategy Course Coupon

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MBA-Level Branding Guide: Brand Management, Branding Strategy, Business Branding, Business Branding Success Formula

2.5 hr
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Top MBAs are expensive, time-consuming, and extremely difficult to get into. My goal with this course is to give you an MBA level of understanding business branding. Learn from a former Global Brand Manager at Sony with a Kellogg MBA.

If you sell marketing services, this gives you a sophisticated edge over other marketers. If you’re a marketing manager, this gives you a strategic understanding of the role of branding.

This course focuses specifically on branding – both brand strategy and brand tactics such as design. This is not a course on advertising, marketing strategy at large, graphic design, or digital marketing. This course is built on my personal experience developing and marketing brands, my academic experience, and research from myself and others. I’ll dispel commonly held myths about branding and give you a solid, reliable resource for understanding brands.   

- Case study on the luxury brand Lacoste and the role that successful brand managers can play

- My hands-on experience in managing some of the top global brands

- Brand management lessons that apply to business-to-consumer and business-to-business brands

- How to drive word-of-mouth for your brand using highly efficient marketing tactics and strategies

- How to penetrate a new market quickly to build brand credibility

- How to leverage associations to establish a brand that has no credibility

- How to develop a brand marketing strategy

Branding success starts with this condensed branding guide, a mini MBA in Branding, Brand Management, Branding Strategy, and Business Branding. This is a short formula for branding success.

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