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Addressable Fire Alarm System Installation Course - Online Coupon

[-33% Off] Addressable Fire Alarm System Installation Course - Online Course Coupon

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Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, System programming, Connection of Devices, Loop Commissioning, Programming from PC.

3.5 hr
120$ 89.99$
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Whether you are a technician/engineer in a similar field or an enthusiast/beginner this course is for you.

Main goal of this course is to give you a head start so you can hit the ground running and start doing maintenance and service on addressable fire alarm panels. If you are an absolute beginner in the subject it will give you a great deal of knowledge about how addressable fire alarms work and you will be able to work also with other makes of fire panels and learn them quickly.

This course is based on addressable Morley fire panel. One of the most popular fire alarm panels in many locations worldwide.

Subjects covered in the course:

  • fire detection devices (smoke and heat detectors, MCPs and I/Os),

  • connecting fire alarm sounders,

  • end of line resistors in Morley Fire Alarm Panel,

  • addressable fire alarm wiring,

  • menus of the fire alarm panel,

  • commissioning menu of fire alarm panel,

  • memory lock in the Morley fire alarm panel,

  • setup and operation of an addressable fire alarm panel,

  • programming devices and zone texts,

  • Apollo devices with addressable base card,

  • addressing devices on the loop,

  • removing devices from addressable loop,

  • adding devices to the loop in addressable fire alarm,

  • replacing loop devices in addressable fire alarm,

  • programming a basic ring pattern,

  • using computer to program a fire panel.

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