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Acoustic Guitar for Complete Beginners Coupon

[35% Off] Acoustic Guitar for Complete Beginners Course Coupon

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Learn all the basic techniques to play songs on the acoustic guitar.

2.0 hr
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The acoustic guitar is one the most popular of all musical instruments , used by so many musicians in all genres of music. This course is designed specifically for complete  beginners and will get you playing from day one, with easy bite size video lectures that break down everything into manageable steps.

When I started learning guitar back in the 1960's the internet did not exist and the only way I could learn was from books, not being able to afford private lessons. I painstakingly spent many hours alone in my bedroom trying to figure out how to play chords and figure out how they worked in songs, eventually I mastered  three chords and was able to play a few songs all the way through !

From that early beginning I have been in love with the guitar ever since and have spent my life playing, teaching and performing with this wonderful instrument.

Nowadays of course it is much easier to access learning material with the internet and YouTube etc.

However because of this and the abundance of information available it can become very confusing for the beginner to know where to start and this is why I designed this course for the complete beginner with easy, step by step instruction that will show you everything you need to know to be able to play literally thousands of songs.

The course starts with advice on what types of guitar are available and explain the parts of the guitar. it will then cover tuning the guitar before moving on to teach the first chords and strumming techniques. It will the progress to showing you how to play many songs with lyrics and chords shown on screen alongside the videos. There will be PDF files attached of the song sheets and chord diagrams for you to download.

Please don't rush through the course, each lesson needs to be thoroughly understood and practised before moving on to the next. The complete course should  give you at least six months of material and techniques to learn, depending on how long you take practising. Trying to hurry through it will be non productive and frustrating so take your time. Learning to play any instrument requires time and patience and the guitar is no different, enjoy it and learn at your own pace.

After completing the course alongside regular practising, you will be able to play thousands of songs and enjoy making music .

The only thing needed apart from a guitar, a tuner and a pick is enthusiasm and lots and lots of practice.

So let's not wait any longer, grab your guitar and let's get started on what will be a fun and rewarding journey, I promise you.

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