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Accredited PTSD Counselling & Management Certification Coupon
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[82% Off] Accredited PTSD Counselling & Management Certification Course Coupon

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Become Professional PTSD Counsellor and use trauma therapy and neuropsychology e.g. EMDR therapy, Rewind Technique etc.

1.5 hr
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This IAOTH, UK Accredited PTSD Counselling & Management Certification will practically teach you how to deal with PTSD using novel counselling and management techniques. You will learn different psychotherapy techniques e.g. EMDR Therapy / Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Rewind Technique, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) or Narrative Therapy etc. in this course.

This course will also help the learners deal with other issues like past trauma, childhood trauma, grief, death, Childhood Trauma Healing, inner child healing, counselling or counseling, child counseling, adult counseling, couple counseling etc.

This concise course is designed, keeping in mind that you may not have any prior knowledge about Akashic Records, and you really want to learn about it, despite your busy schedule. So, we have tried to avoid jargon as much as possible and simplified concepts and terminology for you.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Introduction to PTSD

  • Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Types

  • PTSD in children and teenagers

  • PTSD in Adults & Elderly

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - EMDR Therapy

  • 8-Phase Approach of EMDR

  • Step by Step EMDR / Self-EMDR

  • Introduction to Narrative Exposure Therapy

  • Step by Step Narrative Exposure Therapy

  • Introduction to Rewind Technique

  • Step by Step Rewind Technique

  • Introduction to Art Therapy

  • Step by Step Art Therapy

  • Introduction to Music Therapy

  • Step by Step Art Therapy

  • Medications for PTSD

  • How to Start a Consulting Business

  • Professional Growth Tips

  • Research Updates

The course instructor is an expert practitioner and seasoned academician. Prof. Krishna N. Sharma – the youngest Vice-Chancellor in the world is 8 times world record holder educator, researcher, and prolific author with 25+ best-sellers out of his more than 135 published books. Students in his courses are from 146 countries (75% of countries on earth) and are speakers of at least 40 languages.

This programme is accredited, and this Udemy course is recognized for certification by Virtued Academy International, an autonomous institute, under the Virtued Society, incorporated under the act 21, 1860 of the Government of U.P., India. Validity & Utility of the training is conditionally in conformity with the Constitution of India, and the laws of the land under Article 19 1 G. Virtued Academy International provides continuing education for individuals interested in self-development and students should contact the IAOTH, UK for registration/ accreditation and relevant local authorities for the scope of practice.


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