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Essay Directive Words Part 1

2.0 hr
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Join me for this near 2-hour journey into learning how to master the way you structure your essays based on essay directive words. Each of our lessons will look at a different word, and through the entirety of this course, we will be looking at a total of 11 essay directive words.

Would you like to learn how to target your essay to improve your grade? As a student, have you struggled how to tell what a question is actually asking you for?

Whether you are a social sciences or arts university degree student, you have come to the right place!

In this course, we will go over what an essay is, what its different sub-sections are, and how to bring them all together. Together, we'll prepare various example essays, and you'll write your one-page essay plans throughout this course. You'll also learn:

  • How long paragraphs in an academic essay should be and how these should be structured

  • What an essay funnel structure is

  • What is typically included in an introduction, main body, and conclusion paragraph

  • How to link different paragraphs to one another to improve your essay’s flow

  • How to link similar or dissimilar concepts to one another in a critically evaluative way

  • How to build one-page essay plans

  • How to use diagrams and one-page essay plans to develop a high-quality essay

This course covers the following example essay questions, looking at a variety of social sciences and arts degrees - making this a super exciting course to enrol in:

  • Describe how and why the Corston Report (2007) affected legislation about female offenders in the United Kingdom

  • Clarify the relationship between prosocial behaviour and empathy

  • Examine the impact of the Equality Act (2010) on Gender Equality at Work in the United Kingdom

  • Outline the principles of immersion in modern video games

  • Show how compliance techniques are used in marketing products to consumers

  • Demonstrate how the underdog theme is dealt with by films using examples

  • Summarise how new technologies can support occupational training for emergency services

  • Assess to what extent the changing inequalities in UK society have impacted the nature of social work practice

  • State to what extent morality is determined or influenced by social status

  • Interpret how Cohen and Felson’s (1979) Routine Activities Theory could explain vandalism

  • Comment upon the improvements that computer-generated imaging (CGI) gave to special effects

‘Academic Writing for University Essay Directive Words: Part 1’ is also unique through its graphical representations and visuals. This makes this academic essay writing course ideal for visual and auditory learners.

This course comes with several free resources for you to use as part of your learning and one-page essay plan course project. These are included as part of different lessons and will make your lessons more engaging through visuals.

‘Academic Writing for University Essay Directive Words: Part 1’ is perfect for the following university degrees:

Psychology | Criminology | Social Work | Sociology | Youth Studies | Anthropology | Gender Studies | Political Science | Social Policy | Fine Art | Concept Art | 3D Art | Analytical Art | Illustration | Media Studies | Film Production | Product Design | Fashion & Jewelry Design

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