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A Wholesome Course for Presentation Skills & Slide Writing Coupon

[50% Off] A Wholesome Course for Presentation Skills & Slide Writing Course Coupon

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Be an Effective Presenter using proven branding techniques to make your presentations stand out and shine

3.0 hr
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Being a great and dynamic presenter is a much-needed skill in any workplace. It may seem as if some people are born with the knack to captivate and move audiences to act while others may struggle to get a simple point across. The good news is, that becoming a master presenter and ultimately a master communicator can be achieved with effort and practice.

When you give a presentation, of any kind, be sure to find ways to accentuate your spoken words with hand gestures and eye contact. You can practice this before any talk by spending 5 minutes a few times a week talking in front of a mirror. As you speak, look at your body position, how your hands move, how your gestures are synced to your words, and even examine your facial expressions and tone.

The human brain is better able to comprehend and remember a message if it has a pictorial component associated with it. This could be an elaborate picture painted with words in the form of imagery or an analogy given by a speaker. Researchers have found that an audience’s memory recall capacity increases up to 65% when a picture is used during a presentation. As you prepare for your next talk, locate meaningful graphics to accompany your message.

The most memorable talks offer something fresh, something no one has seen before. But make the talk your own. You know what’s distinctive about you and your idea. Play to your strengths and give a talk that is truly authentic to you.

Presentations rise or fall on the quality of the idea, the narrative, and the passion of the speaker. It’s about substance, not speaking style or multimedia pyrotechnics.

  • Keep it Simple

  • Build a Narrative

  • Visual Aids

  • Audience Management

This course includes real-world case studies, interactive exercises, helpful resources, and simple techniques you can begin applying right away to your presentations. With so many presentation skills courses out there, this course hones in on only those specific principles that make a real difference to the quality of your public speaking.

This course is taught by Ravi Jagarlapudi, a seasoned Learning & Development Leader, having worked with Multinational Banks like HSBC & Wells Fargo, He has over 2 decades of professional experience in conducting workshops for Software professionals, ITES professionals, Senior Management and Managers in a variety of Industries. Ravi coaches senior executives and professionals on how to elevate their presentation skills and is regularly invited to coach senior managers to help them impactfully present executive presentations for boards.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to create more impact when you present, speak with more confidence, and be a more memorable speaker so you can become known as an excellent public speaker who can truly impress your audiences.

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