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A Master Course on Indian Fintech Ecosystem Coupon

[82% Off] A Master Course on Indian Fintech Ecosystem Course Coupon

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Everything you wanted to know about the Indian Fintech Ecosystem to become an Expert. Most comprehensive Masterclass.

3.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Indian Fintech ecosystem is going through a transformative phase and is leading and challenging many developing and developed economies. It has become the innovation hub and it ranges from India Stack, OCEN, ONDC, UPI, and many others.

This is the opportune time to learn about the Indian Fintech Ecosystem, if you are an Indian or from any foreign country who wants to learn about the Indian Fintech Ecosystem, then this is the Best and Most comprehensive one-stop course for you.

We have covered almost everything that matters and is happening in the Indian Fintech Ecosystem and has the potential to change the Indian and Global Fintech landscape.

As the Fintech industry itself and also the Indian ecosystem is so vast and diverse that capturing everything in detail is impossible in a single course but we have put in our best effort to explain the aspects that matter the most. And if you wish to know more about any topic in detail, we have also mentioned the resources to get the detailed information.

The course is for Non-Tech professionals and hence doesn't cover the tech part like APIs, technical integrations, etc. Our aim is to Simplify Fintech for Non-Tech professionals.

Please go through the course curriculum before purchasing the course.

In this course you will learn about;

Fintech overview, ecosystem, catalysts, India Stack, Layers, Aadhaar architecture, authentication and e-KYC, biometric match, CIDR, AUA, ASA, KSA, ASA, PCI DSS, MCC, MDR, Card Scheme, Merchant Onboarding, chargeback and refund, factors of authentication, UPI, Unified Payments Interface, NACH, Aadhaar Payment Bridge System, NETC Fastag, *99#, Cheque Truncation System, National Financial Switch, Aadhaar enabled payment system, AePS, BHIM Aadhaar pay, e-RUPI, UPI 123Pay, Bharat Bill Payment System BBPS, Bharat QR, QR code-based payment systems, NFC payment, Samsung Pay and MST, Payment aggregator and Payment Gateway, Tokenisation, Digital KYC, Video KYC, CKYCR Central KYC Registry course learn, Decentralised Finance DeFI, Non Fungible Token NFT, Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC, Web 3.0, Buy Now Pay Later BNPL, Open banking, Banking as a service and embedded finance, Neo Banks, P2P lending, NBFC Account Aggregator, OCEN Open Credit Enablement Network, ONDC Open Network for Digital Commerce....and more as we keep adding more content...

The course will be of immense benefit if you are

- Non-Technical Product and Project Manager

- Non-Technical business professionals

- Practitioner and Enthusiast

- Students, Researchers, Trainers, and Teachers


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