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A Hands-on Guide to PowerApps & The Power Platform Coupon
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[50% Off] A Hands-on Guide to PowerApps & The Power Platform Course Coupon

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Learn a Low Code - No Code Platform with the Power Platform Series

4.5 hr
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In this course, we are going to dive deep into PowerApps and the Power Platform by creating our very own full-fledged application that can be used in College Projects and Resumes. We are going to discover Microsoft’s Power Platform by creating industry-grade apps on it while using minimal code.

We are going to create a Leave Approval app from scratch which is going to capture leave requests by employees and then forward them to the HR and Manager for approval and their comments. The employees can add, edit, and track the status of their leaves.

No prior programming experience is required. But you need to ensure that you have a device with a stable internet connection and running any modern web browser. No additional software installation is required.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

· Get the basics and application of a No Code Low Code Platform

· Utilize SharePoint lists as a database

· Create blueprints and designs for apps

· Get an in-depth hands-on with PowerApps

Inside PowerApps, you will be able to:

· Create Forms to get data from the user and modify existing data

· Create Galleries to show data to the user

· Use Collections to increase the robustness of the app

· Fill data dynamically for the user based on the user’s login

· Validate data entered by the user

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