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A complete guide to POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Coupon
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[25% Off] A complete guide to POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) Course Coupon

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A to Z of POSH Act 2013

3.0 hr
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What is POSH? Is it relevant to me? Why and How does it affect me? All the answers can be found in this course. It is to make one aware that how one's existing behaviour can lead us to serious litigations. It is not just a severe crime that leads to the sexual harassment case, but something that you thought of as innocent behaviour can be perceived as unwelcome. Time has changed and hence we need to update ourselves with what is inappropriate in today's era. Prevent and Prepare instead of Repent and Repair. This course will also help you to guide the people around you by being more aware of the law and creating a healthy work environment.

The world is more inclusive and less tolerant towards what can be perceived as inappropriate. But we have been brought up in a culture which is more dominating to us for our personal behaviour. But that argument will not save you in the court of law. More than a debate of what is right and what is wrong, just follow the Law. And the first step towards it is to know your law. If you need to stay in the water better learn to swim. The POSH act is not just a guideline towards what is sexual harassment it is the future guidelines for all of you in your future workplace.

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