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A Boot Camp to Nuclear Physics Coupon
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[77% Off] A Boot Camp to Nuclear Physics Course Coupon

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A course for Nuclear Physics learning aspirants

3.0 hr
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Welcome to this course - A boot camp to Nuclear Physics (NP). This course is for amateurs as well as for those pursuing undergraduate program in Physical Sciences and Medical sciences. This course has video lecture content of 9 hrs 45 min that is divided into 7 sections spread over 48 lectures followed by a Quiz at the end of each section. This course expectedly covers all the traditional topics that are part of the Undergraduate Program in most Universities. Amateurs in Physics and those having love for Physics can quench their thirst for learning by subscribing to this online program. Also students undergoing various academic programs in Physics and Medical Sciences can boost their learning through this course and earn a Udemy certificate.

The subject of Nuclear Physics started with Rutherford's experiment performed in the year 1911 and bloomed as a new branch of Physics that answered a band of questions which will be addressed in the Course:

  • What is the source of Solar energy?

  • How long will the Sun radiate heat and light for us?

  • What is the source of energy in an atom/nuclear bomb?

  • Why can't we assemble a nucleus in the laboratory?

  • What are radioactivity mechanisms

  • How the radiations interact with matter and help us find a range of application in the field of Medical Sciences.

  • The wide range of applications created huge market for Instrumentations. In this course we shall learn the fundamental part of it.

In this course we shall learn NP through following seven sections:

1. Discovering Nucleus

2. Nuclear Binding Energy

3. Radioactivity

4. Nuclear Models

5. Particle Accelerators

6. Nuclear Radiation & Energy

7. Radiation Detectors

Undergoing this course will enable you to

  • Calculate the radius of nucleus from experimental data of Rutherford’s experimental data

  • Understand complicated nature of Nuclear force

  • Estimate mass defect, binding energy using mass in amu

  • With Q value estimation of Nuclear Reactions

  • Learn empirical formula for Nuclear Models

  • Know the existence of magic numbers in view of atomic models

  • Construction & Working of Nuclear instrumentations for particle (i) accelerators (ii) detectors

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