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[89% Off] 528 Hz Solfeggio Meditation- Ancient Sound Therapy Course Coupon

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Duration: 1.5 hours

Learn the Lost Ancient Art of Sound Healing to Transform your Life, Repair DNA, and Activate your Higher Consciousness

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Welcome to 528 Hz Solfeggio Meditation-Ancient Sound therapy Course

In this course, you will discover the lost ancient art of sound healing to transform your life, Repair DNA and activate your higher consciousness.

Modern science is now beginning to recognize what the ancient mystics throughout the time have been saying that everything is in a constant state of vibration and therefore everything that is vibrating has a sound even it's not audible. Solfeggio frequency was long ago used in Gregorian chants & Indian Sanskrit chants. Ancient Indian Yogi's referred to this as OM.

These 528 Hz solfeggio meditation-sound therapy is highly capable of removing deep-rooted blockages, works to heal broken DNA, healing on all levels Emotional- Mental- Spiritual & Physical.

It's effective in healing Physical, generational, and emotional trauma in our DNA using vibrations & frequencies.

This course educates individuals on how to meditate on 528 Hz solfeggio frequencies to heal mind, body & spirit.

Potential Benefits gained after 528 Hz meditation-sound therapy:-


  • Body detoxifies

  • Feel & Look younger

  • The quickened ability for the body to heal itself

and much more...

Psychological & Emotional benefits:-

  • Less stress & worry

  • Sharper memory & quicker manifestation

  • Increased self-trust

and much more...

Relationship benefits:-

  • Attracting soul mates & soul family members

  • Seeing relationships more clearly

  • Letting go old stuff

and much more...


  • Finding answers that have meaning and clarity in life

  • Staying focused and in the moment

  • Transforming uncertainties into accuracy and truth

and much more...

Healing our DNA increases our life energy, gives us clarity of mind, great awareness, creativity and opens us to deep spiritual experiences, and bring about miracles like better manifestation abilities, better health, spiritual advancement, greatly improve intuition, expand your consciousness, Embody you soul identity & Life mission, opens 3rd Eye and much much more...

It's the simple way to transform your life, repair DNA & activate your higher consciousness

if that sounds exciting Click and Enroll today and let's Get Started.

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