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5 Star Goal Setting Guide: Achieve Your Goals in 3 Steps Coupon
Personal Development

[79% Off] 5 Star Goal Setting Guide: Achieve Your Goals in 3 Steps Course Coupon

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Goal Achievement by setting structured goals, creating plans and overcoming fears. Personal Success Starts with You.

2.0 hr
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The highest rated Goal Setting Course on Udemy just got better. A bonus section about building good and long lasting habits.

What are your wildest dreams? Let your imagination run free. Be brave.

What if you can make them a reality and achieve the life you have always imagined? For some people this sounds impossible, because they have never learned how to set goals properly or haven't been brave enough to chase them.


The course follows clear structure with real life examples of professional and personal goals. We will break them down from definition to execution during the length of the course and you will be able to follow in real time with your own goals.

"Set a goal that will make something of you to achieve it." - Jim Rohn

In addition, I want to show you how to enjoy the process of chasing goals, which by the way is called Life. The greater goals you set, the greater person you will become and better life you will live while achieving them.

All videos get right on point and follow an easy to understand structure.


- Turn your greatest dreams into actionable goals

- Find goals that you will enjoy the process of achieving them

- Transform your Bucket List into a To Do List

- Formulate SMART goals

- Create a detailed action plan for achieving any goal

- Break down big goals into smaller ones

- Link goals with emotions and why this is important

- Visualize goals and send them to the subconscious mind

- Create vision boards and thank you boards

- Get out of dips on the road success

- Overcome doubts & fears

- Create a Goal Setting Mastermind


  • 4 additional videos on habit building

  • Templates for SMART Goal Setting, Vision Board and Thank You Board

  • An audio version of the course to listen on the go

  • Personal stories of failure and success

No worries, there's a 30-day money-back guarantee. Try out the goal setting strategies without any hesitation.


Every morning I spend around 10 minutes writing down my 2 most important goals for the next 12 months. I always write in present tense and imagine that I have already achieved them. This helps me stay focused on what's most important through the sea of distractions that we're swimming in every single day.

Take the challenge to follow your dreams and I will see you in class!


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