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4H0-533 Hyperion Planning v.3.3.1 Certified Practice Exam Coupon
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[-68% Off] 4H0-533 Hyperion Planning v.3.3.1 Certified Practice Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this 4H0-533 Hyperion Planning v.3.3.1 Certified Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

3.0 hr
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Sample Question:

User A is a member of the Hyperion Planning User Group "Northeast" and has Write access to the "East" Entity. "Northeast" Group has Read Access to "East" Entity. What report would be generated to verify User A's access to East?

Users and Groups

Assigned Access

Effective Access

Entities Access

During the initial application setup, you create two plan types. You now want to add a third plan type. How do you add the plan type?

You go to Manage Database and create a new plan type.

You walk through Setup Application again for the same application.

You go into Essbase Application Manager and create a new database for this application

You cannot change the number of plan types in the Hyperion Planning Desktop after the application has been created.

When you assign form Write access to an interactive user, they have the ability to view _____. (Choose two.)

The Web form design and modify it

A Web form, but not enter data into it

The Web form design, but not modify it

A Web form, and enter data into accessible members

What two methods can be used to add members to the Entities dimension? (Choose two.)

Add the member into a data entry form

Add members using a Hyperion Application Link flow diagram

Add the member by going into the Essbase Application Manager

Add the member into the Hyperion Planning Dimension Editor

What are three ways to enhance calculations within Hyperion Planning beyond Hyperion Business Rules (HBR)? (Choose three.)

Create a member formula within the Essbase Application Manager

Create an Essbase calc script via the Essbase Application Manager

Create a formula in the Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in and Lock and Send

Export business rules as a Enhanced Calc Script (.ecs) file or calc script (.csc) file

Which three Data Types are valid for the Accounts dimension? (Choose three.)






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