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400 java interview questions and answers Coupon

[25% Off] 400 java interview questions and answers Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

A complete course on frequently asked java interview questions and answers.

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In this Course we will have 400 interview questions on java the popular

programming language. This course is a detailed study of common interview questions.

Each question will be answered in full detail. We will go through a complete journey in java.

Each lecture in the course contains 10 theory questions and their answers.

The course has 4 sections and 40 lectures. The course start with basics of  java followed

by object oriented concepts.

Finally we will cover topics such as streams, multi

threading. All major topics such as Reflection, Annotation,

Serialization, Externalization, Lambda expression, Abstract

classes, Interfaces, Strings, Optional classes, Collection

API,Predicate, Method reference, HTTP client, Assertions, Enums,

new io, Sealed classes, Records, Pattern matching, File handling,

Process API, Thread pool,

keywords,literals, packages,modules will be covered.

Some of the questions are asked frequently on core java or java se interviews.

I have done lots of research in finding these questions and answers.

Please take your time in understanding these lectures because this will certainly make you a better java developer.

Some questions are beginner level some are intermediate and some are difficult.

please enroll to this course to prepare for java interviews.

Also please provide me a good rating if the course is helpful to you.

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