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30-Day Journey to Self-Love Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] 30-Day Journey to Self-Love Course Coupon

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A daily meditative, reflective and self-care journey to love and acceptance.

3.0 hr
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In this 30-day journey, we explore important areas where we can learn to increase our sense of love and appreciation towards ourselves.

Many experts believe it is possible to instill a new habit in as little as 30 days. Creating habits that empower you to be fully present to who you are will serve to ensure your continued success in any area of your life.

There is so much that you can accomplish in only 30 days, by taking small daily action steps. It is consistent daily action that creates the momentum needed to make a real breakthrough towards loving yourself deeply, unconditionally, and whole-heartedly.

And this is really just the beginning of your path to true self-love. Where you choose to go from there is entirely up to you.

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously.” Sophia Bush

At this point you might be asking yourself, “What is self-love?” or "What does it mean to love yourself?"

I think of it as a desire to elevate the importance and respect for our own well-being. If you love yourself, you have regard and compassion for yourself. It's about treating yourself as well as you would treat anyone you love.

Unfortunately, too many of us are conditioned to believe that we should be placing ourselves behind everyone else's needs. It is often disguised as caring about others and being modest. We worry about being too self-centered.

But this approach can be incredibly self-defeating. That is because you can't do as much for others when you don't make yourself a priority, as well.

Anyone who has boarded an airplane knows that our conditioning is such that we have to be reminded, over and over again, that we must put on our oxygen mask first so that we can take care of those around us. In fact, by choosing not to put on our oxygen mask first, we become a potential risk and burden to others—essentially trading in what is our responsibility to the responsibility of those around us.

Another critical point to consider is that you have to live with yourself every minute of the day. You are the person you will spend the most time through your whole lifetime. You have the most intimate relationship with yourself, every single day. It makes so much sense then to learn to enjoy your own company.

So, what is self-love? It is loving yourself as much, with the same respect and consideration, as you would anyone else you love. And when you do, it only increases the amount of love you have to give to others.

Love multiplies. It is abundant, and there is always more to give. But it has to start with loving yourself first.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” Norm Kelly

Enjoy the journey,


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