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2021 Elite Course In Google Ads - Profit for Success Online Coupon

[83% Off] 2021 Elite Course In Google Ads - Profit for Success Online Course Coupon

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Master Google Ads (Adwords) and Google Shopping to take your business and those of your clients to the next level.

16.0 hr
15$ 89.99$
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**Newly launched Google Ads course 2021! My big promise to you is that once you have completed to course, you will be a master in Google Ads (adwords) and be able to set up new campaigns, restructure accounts, do keyword research, increase revenues and profit, understand KPIs, set up conversion tracking, use smart shopping and leverage automation to really take your business to the next level! If not, I'll refund you the course fee!

Recent Five Start Review - Jodi Hay

"Instructor is very thorough & provides explanations of everything to be covered. Also provides video plus written materials. I’m very excited to be doing this course."

Remember you get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee!

Who am I?

I’m a Paid Search advertising specialist and expert providing personal and data driven management of paid advertising on Google, Amazon & Bing. For the last 6+ years, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as businesses with 1000+ people in advertising agencies in various verticals from retail to software, finance, cosmetics, ed-tech, SaaS, luxury fashion and more! Ive also supported some of the most dedicated organisations in the charity sector to help drive forward their causes. My course provides all the learnings I have gathered from working in the digital advertising sector in paid search over the years to drive growth for my clients.

In the course, I will also show you my own client accounts and how I optimise them to drive revenues and profit for them at global scales, so you can also learn how to make money online with paid ads.

If you have any of the below problems, then this course will help you solve them!

  1. Driving traffic to my site but no conversions.

  2. Spending too much and not making a profit.

  3. Competitors winning the ad space and Im losing out.

  4. My account is a mess and I cant scale to the next level.

  5. Conversion tracking isn't working properly, so Im playing blind.

  6. People aren't pressing my ads enough - difficult to write persuasive ad copy.

  7. Google ads (adwords) feels so overwhelming, don't know where to start!

  8. Google are telling me to do something that doesn't seem like it's in my interest, Im wasting money.

  9. My campaigns are targeted correctly, getting unqualified leads.

  10. People buying very low order value goods, campaigns unprofitable.

Course Outline

Join me on a journey of discovery to take your business or expertise in Google Ads (Adwords) and PPC to the next level and win online! In the course, you’ll deep dive into the world of Google advertising and PPC, covering all the latest developments in Google advertising from foundational theory to advanced learning.

You’ll get loads of supplementary materials in writing as well as video teaching to support your learning, and I’ll also show you videos of how myself and other pros build out campaigns and implement performance optimisations on our own accounts to drive growth online!

People are online every day searching for what they need in life, and Google gives you an opportunity to capture that demand with your ads, so you can market your products or services, so your competitors don’t!


  • 16 hours on-demand video

  • 9 articles

  • 20 downloadable resources

  • Succinct and up to date – a lot has changed in last 5 years!

  • 15 core modules and over 100 lectures

  • 25,000 words of supportive text & diagrams - read and watch videos to support learning.

  • PowerPoint resources to download & print

  • Further support via email or Facebook

  • Take-home tools to manage your business of client accounts

  • Full lifetime access

  • Access on mobile and TV

You don’t need any experience to take my course, alternatively if you’re already well versed in Google ads (Adwords) then you can skip to the advanced sections where I cover the world of scripts, automations and smart campaigns.

Remember you get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee!

During the course, you’ll learn:

  • About the foundations in Paid Search - What does that mean?

  • How to use Google Management tools - the ones NO ONE tells you about (hint -> Google Editor!).

  • How to build excellent campaigns, locally and for global expansions.

  • What keywords are and how to use them & what match types mean.

  • How to write ads like the pros to make sure people click them and they convert through A/B testing.

  • How to understand the Google keyword auction, keyword bidding and bidding strategies.

  • About the world of Google Shopping Ads and Smart Shopping!

  • How to leverage ads on Bing, with no extra work!

  • How to monitor performance such as traffic, revenues, return-on-ad-spend and more!

  • How to analyse your performance to drive profitability!

  • How to use audiences to drive growth and profitability in your campaigns.

  • How to implement conversion tracking and remarketing.

  • About the world of attribution modelling and what it means.

  • How to use automation and scripts to drive growth and save costs!

“Lucas Wilde’s course is very clear and helpful. This is my second Google Ads course on Udemy and it has really helped propel my understanding to the next level, and help drive revenue for my business online and increase traffic. He speaks clearly and everything is up to date which is really great, and all the written content helps clarify things as well, recommended!” – Morgan Oliver

It takes a lot of experience to manage advertising accounts on Google (Adwords), to make sure you drive growth in your business or the businesses of your clients, and to make sure you don’t waste money unnecessarily on Google.

I’ve condensed five years of professional experience to share all the insights I’ve learned along the way to help you achieve your goals and dreams online! Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be set to launch your adverting journey online, and rest assured that you will have learned everything there is to know to be successful in the adverting world!

Thanks for taking the time to consider my course, I feel certain you will draw a lot of value from it and enjoy my teachings along the way. Click the ‘Buy now’ button and join the course risk free - You get lifetime access and a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee! See you there!


Lucas Wilde

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