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Career interview preparation guide for blockchain career advancement | Hashcademy
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Wing Lee
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[100% Off] (2019) The Complete Blockchain Career Interview Course Udemy Coupon

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Last Updated: February 2019

Advance your career with our career management course specifically designed for aspiring blockchain talents. The course is a concise master guide to top career interview questions for blockchain related roles with regular updates to keep up to speed with the latest trends, topics and knowledge.

As a subscriber to the course, you will get life access to:

– Concise, direct to the point videos scripted and designed by leading industry talents

– Personalised Q&A opportunities with lead instructor tailored for your interview preparation

– Template and model answers for the most common interview questions with clear explanations

– Latest career trends, statistics and skills demand in the blockchain career sector

Get quick answers to prepare for the most frequently asked questions such as:


– What do you know about blockchain? Explain the difference between blockchain and bitcoin.

– Briefly use an example to explain how blockchain technology works.

– What are the different types of blockchain? How do they differ?

– What makes blockchain technology special? What are the key features and benefits?

– What is the role of cryptography in cryptocurrencies and blockchain? Explain the role of hash functions and digital signatures.


– How would you choose a cryptocurrency exchange as an investor?

– Who are the key participants in a cryptocurrency ecosystem?

(Note that the course is based on information on Hashcademy’s course set)

Instructors: Wing Lee

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