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20 Startup failure CaseStudies:Best Course for Entrepreneurs Coupon

[25% Off] 20 Startup failure CaseStudies:Best Course for Entrepreneurs Course Coupon

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Learn about all mistakes that entrepreneurs made in the past with 20 startup Failure Case Studies!

6.5 hr
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"20 Startup failure Case Studies" Course is specially designed to make you aware of all types of mistakes entrepreneurs have made in the past.

Why this course is unique?

There are thousands of courses that talk about "How to launch a startup", "Entrepreneurship fundamentals", "How to build a successful startup" etc.  While such courses are helpful, did anyone told you about why most startups fail ?

We often hear about startups raising funding and their success stories, but I feel there is more to learn from the Startups that failed, this is why I designed this course. My only aim of making this course is to make sure that you don't fail in your startup.

After taking this course, I assure you that you will have a deep understanding of why most startups fail, as I will cover case studies of 20 startups that failed.

This Course is helpful for Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Product Managers and anyone Interested in Business Case Studies.

Note: There are many other courses covering topics like "How to start a startup", "How to build M.V.P" etc.  So I have not covered those topics. The entire focus of this course will be to understand Startup Failure Case Studies because that is something which is most important and is not much spoken about.

Section three contains quizzes where you will have different types of questions that test your entrepreneurial mind and guides you in taking right entrepreneurial decisions.

You can watch the first two Case Studies for free to decide whether this course will be right for you or not. Do give a try to this course, I am sure you will love it and learn something new about entrepreneurship.

Here is the Content I have covered in this Course:

Module one: Introduction

1.  Course Intro

2.  How you can benefit most from this course

Module two: 20 startup failure Case Studies

1.  Yahoo

2.  Taskbob

3.  Purple squirrel

4.  zoomo

5.  Housing

6.  Local Banya

7.  Jabong

8.  Hike

9.  Askmebaazar

10. We work

11. TinyOwl

12. Just buy live

13. StayZilla

14. Kaaryah

15. Yummist

16. HMT watch

17. Tapzo

18. Doodhwala

19. Shuttl

20. CardBack

Module three: Factors you need to take care of while running a Startup to avoid failure

1.  Selecting the wrong cofounder

2.  Market Demand

3.  Faulty Business Model

4.  Avoiding Feedbacks

5.  Building Team

6.  Pivot gone wrong.

7  Working on startup for wrong reason

8.  Wrong Timing

9. Fundraising Mistakes

10. Investor Relationships

11. Never prioritizing metrics

12. Ignoring the Competition

13. Not simplifying the product

14. Legal Issues

Who this Course is for?

1. Entrepreneurs working on startups

2. People who want to start up in future

3. Product managers

4. Business Analyst

5. Anyone Interested in Startup World

Now, if you’re ready to take your startup to the next level, I’ll see you inside!

Feel free to message me on linked in for any startup related queries.

Whether you enrol in this course or not, all the very best for your Future!!

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