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1Z0-982 Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Exam Coupon
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[-6% Off] 1Z0-982 Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Exam Course Coupon

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Attend this 1Z0-982 Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

3.0 hr
170$ 159.99$
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Sample Questions:

What client requirement aligns with using a custom BSO plan type alongside the Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud (EPBCS) plan types?

Due to sparse dimensionality, Aggregation times are slow in EPBCS.

The client has 10 dimensions in the EPBCS application and needs to report at each intersection.

The client requires to plan by more dimensions than the framework allows.

The client would like to plan revenue by Product.

The Operations department requires a more granular level of detail than the Sales department.

Which two scenario configuration options are available within the Planning and Forecasting preparation area? (Choose two.)

Configure the Long Range Planning scenario Annually

Configure the Actual scenario for years 1 through 3 Monthly

Configure the Forecast scenario for years 1 through 3 Monthly, and Years 6 thru 10 Annually

Configure the Plan scenario for years 1 through 3 Bi-Weekly

Set the Current Month

Which two statements are true regarding the creation and management of business rules within the business process frameworks? (Choose two.)

The business process frameworks cannot use regular business rules they must be scripted in Groovy

Custom business rules can be created for the business process frameworks

The pre-built framework business rules cannot be modified directly and saved

Custom business rules for the business process frameworks can only be created using the graphical designer

Which accounts leverage the component Dimension for driver and trend based calculations?

Cash Flow



Balance Sheet

A company wants to remove existing level zero data before allocating data back down to those same members. Which two graphical designer objects will help achieve this calculation process? (Choose two.)

Member Block

Clear Data

Allocation Amount-Unit-Rate

Copy Data

Which three are general methods for directly pushing data between cubes? (Choose three.)

Copy Data

Smart Push

Data Management

Import Data

Data Maps

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