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1Z0-208 Oracle Comm Billing _ Revenue Server Developer Exam Coupon
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Sample Questions:

Which of the following information is needed in defining new rum?

Name of the event RUM name

How rum is derived from

The unit of measurement used

Type of service

All Portal opcodes are defined ___________________ file. An opcode corresponding to ___________________. Write new code to implement opcode, you can use the document as a template ___________________.

ops.h, function, fm_generic_ops.c

pcm_ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c

ops.h, function, fm_generic_opcode.c

pcm_ops.h, program, fm_generic_ops.c ops.h, program, fm_generic_ops.c

Which of the following statements correctly describe the Facility Module operation codes?

These opcodes can call the function codes Base

They are assembled FM shared libraries and associated DM

These are considered high-level activity codes

A and C

A, B, and C

Which of the following statements currency support portal is true?

The account can have more than one primary currency

The account currency may be updated after the account has been created

The system of currency is the default currency database

B and C

A, B, and C

Which of the following error buffer is true?

When the PCM macros are used to check the error buffer every macro PCM

PCM using a series of macros in the style of the error buffers

PIN to use macros individual style error buffers

When the PIN is used for macros, error information replaces the current contents of the error buffer

None of the above

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