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1Z0-1072 | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI 2021 Coupon
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[100% Off] 1Z0-1072 | Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI 2021 Free Course Coupon

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - Architect Associate - Premium Questions & Answers are Verified

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1Z0-1072-20: The Oracle Cloud ​Infrastructure Architect ​Associate exam is designed ​for individuals who possess a ​strong foundation knowledge ​in architecting ​infrastructure using Oracle ​Cloud Infrastructure ​services. This certification ​covers topics such as: ​Launching Bare Metal and ​Virtual Compute Instances, ​Instantiating a Load ​Balancer, Using Advanced ​Database features (Dataguard, ​BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, ​and EXADATA), Advanced ​Networking Concepts, ​Architecting Best Practices ​for HA and Security, Identity ​and Access Management, ​Networking, Compute, and ​Storage. ​ This certification validates ​deep understanding of OCI ​services to spin up ​infrastructure and provides a ​competitive edge in the ​industry.

Launching Bare Metal and Virtual Compute Instances

  • Describe the components of Compute service, including shapes, images, and custom images

  • Create and manage a Compute Virtual Machine (VM) instance

Advanced Database

  • Use advanced database features, such as Dataguard, BYOL, Data encryption, RAC, and EXADATA

Architecting Best Practices

  • Architect High Availability (HA) using OCI

  • Design for Security using OCI


  • Apply design concepts related to VCN components

  • Describe Public and Private IP addresses and virtual NICs

  • Apply VCN connectivity options

  • Understand remote network connectivity

  • Apply OCI Load Balancer concepts

  • Understand OCI Edge services

  • Apply OCI networking best practices


  • Understand OCI Storage options

  • Design storage solutions for applications and database

Instantiating a Load Balancer

  • Discuss Load Balancer terminology and concepts

  • Set up a Load Balancer

Advanced Networking Concepts

  • Manage your cloud network components, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Fast Connect, Multiple vNICs, and IP addresses

Identity and Access Management

  • Apply core Identity and Access Management components

  • Explain resource locations

  • Design federation with various identity providers

  • Apply IAM, governance, and security best practices


  • Select appropriate compute choices

  • Troubleshoot options using console connections and boot volume

  • Architect High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions

  • Describe image options


  • Describe OCI Database options

  • Explain OCI Database Operations

  • Architect HA and DR solutions

  • Managing Autonomous Database

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