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Sample Questions

Q) Scenario: Citrix administrator creates a new master image that will be used with Machine Creation Services. When an administrator creates a new catalog of machines of this basic image, the newly created virtual desktops can not join the domain. What two things could prevent newly created virtual desktops from the right to join a domain? (Choose two.)

a) The administrator does not run Sysprep on the master image.

b) The new machines were not able to resolve the FQDN delivery controllers.

c) The new machines have not been able to contact Active Directory domain controller.

d) Master image was NOT a member of a domain before the new machines were created.

Q) Scenario: Citrix Administrator must configure StoreFront so that users can access the site and XenDesktop 7 5.6 XenDesktop site. Currently deployed StoreFront is configured to provide access to the site XenDesktop 7. What actions should be receiving the administrator so that users can gain access to both of the deployment environment showcases?

a) Export the file to initialize the store.

b) Setting up shop ÂLegacy Support.

c) Add XenDesktop 5.6 delivery controllers in the store.

d) Setting Authority secure tickets for XenDesktop 5.6 farm.

e) None

Q) Citrix administrator must deploy StoreFront service for thin clients that run on the Internet plug. Which option if you configure an administrator, so that thin clients can connect to servers showcase? multiple-choice

a) Export Provisioning File

b) Integration with Citrix Online

c) Configure Legacy Support

d) Manage delivery controllers

e) None

Q) Citrix administrator can update Citrix Receiver with the help of __________ or __________. (Choose two correct option to complete the sentence.)

a) Receiver for Web

b) The virtual delivery agent

c) update Citrix Receiver

d) Command Line Interface

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