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156 -215.75 R75 Check Point Security Administrator Exam Coupon
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[-7% Off] 156 -215.75 R75 Check Point Security Administrator Exam Course Coupon

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3.0 hr
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Sample Questions

Q) Of the three mechanisms for point-Verify uses traffic management, enabling the firewall layer 4 include an information packet inspection?

a) IPS

b) packet filtering

c) Stateful inspection

d) intelligence applications

e) None

Q) Which statement is TRUE about the mode of the bridge?

a) In managing the security gateway in bridge mode, you can use the interface bridge for Network Address Translation.

b) Assuming that the new installation, the bridge mode requires changing the existing IP network routing.

c) All Cluster XL modes are supported.

d) Bridge must be configured with a pair of interfaces

e) None

Q) Smart Console component that administrators can use to monitor remote administration activities?

a) WebUI

b) Eventia Reporter

c) SmartView Monitor

d) SmartView Tracker

e) None

Q) Which statement is true about the management plug-ins?

a) The plugin is a package installed on the security gateway.

b) The plugin communicates with the management server security management, to provide new features and support for new products.

c) Using a complete centralized management of plug-in provides that if a special license is applied for a specific plugin.

d) Installing the plugin management as the upgrade process. (It replaces the existing components.)

e) None

Q) UDP packets are delivered if they are _________.

a) A legitimate response to an authorized request to UDP ports and IP reverse

b) Stateful valid SYN-ACK, syn / ACK on the reverse UDP and IP ports

c) References in dynamic arrays SAM, associated with

d) References in dynamic arrays SAM, associated with

e) None

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