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11 Great Ways to Innovate Coupon

[87% Off] 11 Great Ways to Innovate Course Coupon

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Proven Methods to drive Innovation

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Innovation is critical for business success.  Every organisation needs to become more agile and entrepreneurial.  And professionals who know how to innovate are in high demand.  How hard is it to innovate? Not once but over and over? How can you repeatedly deliver successful new products, processes or services? This course gives you eleven techniuqes which work.  Choose the ones that suit you and your organisation.  Implement the best ideas and see innovation flourish.

The course covers fundamental methods which can be used by individuals including problem solving, adapting ideas and combining ideas.  It covers corporate techniques such as hackathons, crowdsourcing, idea management schemes, design thinking and design sprints.  Other methods reviewed include break the rules, remove barriers, the use of chance and process or service innovation hacks.

This programme is ideal for business professionals, managers, students and anyone who wants to help their organisation to find fresh ways to meet customer needs.  It teaches essential skills which will help you in your business career.

The course is taught by Paul Sloane who has extensive experience in helping companies, government agencies, universities and charities to find and implement successful innovations.  The course resources include worksheets to help you to practice, grasp and implement the methods.  There is also a fun quiz to test your knowledge.

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