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1 Hour Website - Build a Website in 1 Hour Coupon

[70% Off] 1 Hour Website - Build a Website in 1 Hour Course Coupon

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Create a Logo, Brand Kit and Responsive 1 Page Website. No coding or design skills needed

1.0 hr
15$ 49.99$
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Do you want to create a website without any coding or designing skills?

This course will teach you how to build your own responsive 1 page website in just one hour. You will also create important brand assets like a logo and brand kit.

Currently, there are a 2 mains ways to create a website:

1. Learn web development and build it yourself

2. Hire a web developer

Each of these cost lots of time or money.

It can take weeks if not months of learning HTML/CSS before you're able to make a simple site on your own. And even then, there's still so much more to learn about web development before you can a site that looks really good. Trust me I've been there!

Hiring developers isn't easy either. You have to spend ages looking around to find one that is affordable. And the best ones cost money. So you either pay little for poor quality or you spend lots of money that could be going elsewhere.

With 1 Hour Website, it doesn't cost you much time or money. You can have a logo, website with hosting and a custom domain. In 1 hour. And all for less than $100. (Including the cost of the course!) 

Course Overview

In this course, you will be taken through the process of creating a logo, brand kit and website for a business. You will follow the simple step by step instructions to get you to create your own website in next to no time.

To show you how it is possible, I will create a website for a business in the pet space.

  • You will learn how to use Carrd, a simple no-code tool that allows you to create beautiful looking websites.

  • You will learn how to use modern marketing tools to help you write persuasive messaging for your business.

  • You will discover tools that allow you to create well designed brand assets without needing a designer.

This course isn't designed to show you tons of features and the ins and outs of particular tools. It is focused on getting you from A-B fast. Once you have completed the course, you can get started making your business dreams a reality.

As a result, the course is fast paced.

The goal of this course is not only to teach but also inspire people from all walks of life by showing them that they too can make their own websites without having any prior experience at all. Having a good website and logo is a hurdle for lots of potential entrepreneurs to overcome before they can start their venture. This course removes those barriers. It is purposely designed to get you to take action and prevent you from procrastinating.

Why this course?

  • You will get a website up and running in 1 hour

  • It's a realistic, fast paced course that doesn't require coding or design skills

  • Save money on paying an expensive web designer, developer

  • Reinvest the money into marketing or building your team

  • Eliminate weeks of frustration trying to figure out how to make your website

  • Create compelling and persuasive messaging to attract sales (like this)

  • Same methods taught in courses at world - leading universities

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a business idea

  • Marketers

  • Small Business Owners

  • Artists

  • Freelancers

  • Anyone who wants their own professional website

  • Anyone interested in learning how to use no-code tools

Who is this course not for?

  • Someone who wants to know the ins and outs of everything. This course is focused on you creating a site quickly not becoming an expert.

  • Perfectionists. Speed and creation is valued over perfection in this course.

  • Someone who wants a world - class quality websites. These sites are you create are very nice but they aren't world class. You will have to pay a designer/developer for world class quality

  • Time-watchers and non-believers. I created the website in 1 hour. It may take you a little longer as you have to watch the course videos. But it shouldn't take you longer than 2 hours (with edits) if you follow the time guidelines :)

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