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[accordion titles=”IS IT LEGAL?/n/Why I am getting paid courses for Free?/n/Is there any hidden fees?/n/Is the free coupon different from the normal payment?” contents=”100% Legal./n/When an instructor publish a new course, he/she want to have some hundreds of subscribers, so he offer a free access to the course with a free coupon, because no body want to enter an empty shop in a mall./n/Not a single penny, you don’t need to enter your credit card also, just click on get coupon and enroll freely in udemy.com./n/Once you get enrolled in any course with the free coupon, you can get all the benefits, a life time access, and a certificate of completion./n/”][/accordion]

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    I have seen courses with 100% waiver. My question is if the certificates are available of the courses that are 100% free?

    6-Nov-20 at 18:30
    • Saad Merie
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      Yes it is available.

      7-Nov-20 at 14:18

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